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Sweet Lolita Sweets

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Elegant Gothic Chefs
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With so many cute recipes in the EGL mags lately, I thought I'd create this community. This place is intended to share recipe translations and scans, as well as coming up with your own loli food creations! Also, a place to show of the wonderful food you've made! Bon Apetit!

Community rules are as follows (currently an ongoing process)

  • Please keep posts on topic, ie.: recipes, questions, and help for G&L tea parties and the like, or showing off food creations that would be ideal for a tea party. Please use your good judgement on what you think would be an acceptable recipe, as this is a themed recipe community.

  • Please keep images to 400x400. Any large images, or additional images should be placed behind an LJ cut. Information on how to do an LJ cut can be found here.

  • Please post no more than TWO [2] recipes per entry. It's ok if you have to post multiple times if you have many recipes to share. This is so recipes are easier to find and the proper keywords are put in place, since LJ only allows a 5 keyword maximum per entry. Same goes for decoration ideas and tea party suggestions!

  • Please be respectful of your fellow loli's. Remember that etiquette is a G&L ideal! ^_~

  • Please do not advertise communities here. Any such advertisements will be deleted immediately.

  • Announcements for meet-ups, tea parties or picnics are welcome here. However, please place them under a descriptive LJ cut.
    Example: (NY-NJ picnic info here!)

  • Maintainer: oshidori

    Happy posting! ^_^

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